Piping & Drumming during a Global Pandemic!

 Due to the continuing risk of COVID, and recommendations from local public health officials to avoid large crowd activities, and in order to practice safe physical distancing for the time being, Alaska Celtic Pipes & Drums continue to CANCEL ALL IN-PERSON PRACTICES & PERFORMANCES THROUGH MARCH 2021. The Band meets regularly every Friday via distance-learning on Zoom (contact the Pipe Major if you’re interested in joining us,) to continue to work on tunes, so that when it is safe to open back up, we will be ready to perform! We sincerely apologize to our wonderful fans and generous hosts in the area for any inconvenience, but we want all of our pipers, drummers, friends, and families to stay safe and healthy, and to be able to enjoy our performances in the future. We have not taken this decision lightly, as this Month is THE major fund-raising event of the year for our Band, but an evening of fundraising pales in importance to what may become a life-changing event for someone in our Band, or our friends and followers. We each have an ethical responsibility to not become disease vectors for others who may be much more vulnerable. We are convinced that this disease is much more serious than the flu; if YOU have the ability and privilege, stay at home and continue to avoid traveling/gathering NOW. If you are able to, get vaccinated! Stay safe and healthy – practice clean fingering -wash your hands! Support your local pipe band – Stay tuned!

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